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Allen Bodiford“I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Miller in several family/domestic law matters throughout the last several years. I have found Dr. Miller to be extremely professional and thorough in all aspects of each case in which I have utilized his expert services. I will continue to use Dr. Miller’s expertise in any cases which may require a Psychologist’s opinion, as I value his professional opinion in these actions and find him to be unbiased and accurate in his evaluations and testimony.”
Attorney Allen Bodiford
Bodiford Law Group


12bedf3“I hired Dr. Miller on a domestic dispute aggravated assault and battery case where my client was facing 20 plus years. The facts and pictures against my client were to say the least, awful and if we went to trial he would have been convicted and sentenced to jail for many years.  I needed an expert that could help the judge and prosecutor pierce through the bad evidence to understand the domestic abuse that was occurring in the home, in which my client was the husband and often times the victim.  My client claimed he was the victim in the last incident that led to his arrest.  There was good and bad evidence against both my client and the alleged victim, his wife.  Without ever compromising his expert opinion, Dr. Miller created an honest and thorough expert report that showed some sympathy for my client while at the same time raised enough doubt about the alleged victim and her version of the alleged crime.  Ultimately the judge and prosecutor agreed to allow my client to plead to straight probation under the first offender program against the victim’s wishes.  The results speak for themselves.”

Holly Geerdes, Esq.

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