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Dr. Miller, with his years of clinical experience, is known for his caring approach to clients.  He appreciates the difficulty and stress of the legal situations in which clients find themselves.  With his involvement, most clients experience a reduction in the stress that they are experiencing.

Dr. Miller offers a 4-stage approach that prevents unnecessary expenses and maintains consultation with your attorney at critical junctures.


I. Complimentary          Consultation      

When you contact Dr. Miller, he  will discuss your case with you and then call your attorney to discuss the details of the case and determine how to help.


II. Data Collection

You will be interviewed by Dr. Miller and may receive psychological testing. In addition, records may be reviewed and/or third party reports will be considered. Preliminary Determinations are made and provided to the Attorney.


III. Report Writing or Formal Formulation

If desired, a report and/or preparation for testimony are completed.

IV. In Court Testimony

Expert witness testimony is provided as needed.

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