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If you appreciate a straightforward and diligent approach, Dr. Miller is comfortable with attorney culture, the legal context, and the critical approach used by attorneys.

As an expert, Dr. Miller is known for his ability to present what can sometimes be complex subject matter in an easily understandable language and persuasive presentation.

Dr. Miller has been licensed as a Psychologist by the State of Georgia since 1996. He brings the sophistication and subtlety of 35 years of clinical experience along with forensic acumen and a history of success.

Dr. Miller offers a 4 stage process that prevents unnecessary expenses and maintains consultation at critical junctures.


I. Complimentary Consultation

Complimentary initial discussions with the client and attorney to determine if services may be helpful.

II. Data Collection

Dr. Miller will formally interview the client, and as indicated, administer tests, conduct collateral interviews, and review provided records. At this point, preliminary findings and the major direction of the evaluation are revealed. In consultation with the Attorney, the determination of whether to proceed to either or both of the next two phases is made.


III. Report Writing or Formal Formulation

This stage is optional depending on the attorney’s judgment as to whether a formal written evaluation is needed.

IV. In Court Testimony

At the discretion of the Attorney, this stage includes either a written formulation with detailed findings for a prepared testimony or a formal written report ready for submission to the court and includes preparation for testimony.


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