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About Doug Miller, Ph.D.


Stone-Miller Forensic Psychologist Dr. Miller is known for his compassion and strong intellect, bringing both to his forensic evaluations. Dr. Miller completed his undergraduate training in 1985, from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, with a Bachelor of Arts and High Honors in Psychology and minors in Biology and Comparative Cognitive Anthropology. The same year, he was admitted to the Doctorate program in Clinical Psychology at Georgia State University, where he demonstrated remarkable skills in psychological assessment. Further deepening his understanding of psychological tests, and somewhat unusual for a clinical student, he also completed a graduate course in Psychometric Theory. As part of that program, in 1988, he completed his Master’s Thesis on Adult Development and obtained his Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology. Soon after, he was subpoenaed to testify in his first forensic assessment case, when he was encouraged by the court to participate further in such cases. In completing his General Examination as a Ph.D. Candidate, his Psychological Assessment was credited as being of an exceptionally high quality. His Doctoral Dissertation, The Relationship Between The Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator/Jung’s Theory of Types and Personality Pathology, provided further mastery of major personality tests. Following his internship at the Atlanta Veterans Administration Hospital, where he became expert in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), he graduated with his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1995. While his therapy practice burgeoned, over the years, he increasingly focused on forensic psychological evaluations. He has trained American Psychological Association approved doctoral and post-doctoral students in forensic assessment. He has taught Abnormal Psychology at Georgia State University. He has since completed many private criminal and family law psychological evaluations, along with evaluations for Juvenile Probation, the Social Security Disability Administration and the Department of Family and Children Services, as well as several Capital Crime cases. With repeated success and established expertise, skills and experience, Dr. Miller’s practice now focuses on Criminal and Family law cases. He has completed over 10,000 forensic evaluations and has been sworn in as an Expert Witness over 350 times.


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